Pure simplicity.  Canadian Springs sets the standard of excellence for refreshing quality water consumed in homes and offices across Canada.  From convenient and reliable bottled water delivery, to hassle-free water filtration systems, we’ll ensure a solution is customized for your unique lifestyle.

Life can be hectic, which is why having bottled water delivery makes sense because of how easy and convenient it is. Having cool, crisp drinking water readily available at your home or office is something we can simplify for your ever demanding schedule.

From the economical 18.9L size to the convenient 11.3L size suitable for tighter home and office spaces, both are cost effective and offer flexible services. Having demineralized, distilled, or spring water at the cooler can cost as little as $1 per day, and if you need more or fewer bottles next time, you can easily change that too. We make it easy for you to stay hydrated.

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Having an ongoing supply of refreshing filtered drinking water shouldn’t be a luxury. Depending on where you are, the condition of your plumbing and your water treatment system could result in potentially harmful contaminants existing in your water supply. Don’t worry — we’ll recommend filtration solutions tailored to your specific needs that will conveniently connect to your existing water lines.

Three great options are available to suit your office or living space: convenient bottle-less water dispensers, faucets, or counter-top coolers. Whichever option you decide, you can have water filtered through coffee equipment too, so every cup of coffee and tea will be guaranteed fresh.

We recommend and carry Everpure® water filters, one of the world’s most trusted filtration brands. These filters reduce sediments, particles, cysts and other potential health contaminants (including asbestos, fibres and parasites), as well as chlorine off-taste and odour, in your drinking water*. With over 25 years of filtration experience, we’ll help create a unique solution for you. Refreshing water made simple.

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We offer professional grade filtration systems for your office. Choose from sleek, stylish and modern coolers that fit right in with your office environment.

  • Unlimited on-demand water filtered by professional grade filters (NSF 42 and 53 certified).
  • Easily manageable filter change schedules.
  • Equipment professionally installed and maintained by qualified technicians.
  • Predictable fixed costs.
  • Sleek and modern coolers that match your professional office space.
  • Can be plumbed into coffee equipment. Since 98% of coffeeis water, having great coffee starts with having quality water. Also maintains the efficiency at which your equipment runs.

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SmartFlo SF-1 Water CartridgeReplacing is simple, quick, and hygienic


We’re proud to offer a variety of smart drinking options for your home. Choose from free-standing coolers or under-the-counter systems that plumb easily into your existing water supply.

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